Delair, a provider of enterprise visual data management solutions, has signed an agreement with CEMEX, a global supplier of construction products.  As part of this three-year agreement, CEMEX will deploy, a new cloud platform for analyzing and leveraging data collected by drones, satellites and other aerial methods, for their 60 aggregate production sites in France.  With, CEMEX will get access to accurate, 3D topographic surveys along with advanced analytics to calculate volumes of materials, resulting in a better forecast of production, improved operations, reduced operational costs, and optimized safety, according to the company.

Delair’s platform for visual data collection and management will help CEMEX accelerate the digitalization of its activities, and support efforts to meet key performance indicators, including production monitoring, inventory management, and the increased safety of production teams. will provide CEMEX with a completely integrated workflow to manage, analyze and share data, streamlining the process for unlocking the potential of aerial surveying.  Intuitive features on the platform allow users to visualize a site in 2D or 3D. also has the capacity to provide orthophotography, slope maps, digital surface models, and 3D models.  Integrated tools for calculating length, determining an area size, and calculating stockpile volumes make measurements are quick and simple.  More frequent updates of topographic data will allow the company to better forecast its production and increase revenue, with more insight into planning of extraction and extension projects, measuring of stockpiles, managing entire site inventories, and optimizing haul roads.  This will contribute to standardized best practices and processes throughout the enterprise, says Delair.

The platform is scalable, supporting the use of multiple UAVs and data collection techniques.  An unlimited number of projects can be stored and shared, providing access to critical data by anyone who needs it across the enterprise:  surveyors, production department, or financial services.