Parallel Flight Technologies announced they have successfully flown their parallel hybrid multi-rotor UAV for the first time.  The patent-pending technology will allow multi-rotor drones such as quad-copters to fly for hours while carrying their own mass in payload.

Parallel anticipates a 10X improvement over all-electric systems in terms of flight-time while carrying a heavy payload.  The company is planning on deploying the technology for firefighter support, rural unmanned logistics, and agricultural applications. 

In its maiden flight, Parallel’s UAV lifted a couple of heavy duty chainsaws, which will not be an uncommon delivery while fighting a fire in the middle of a remote forest.

Parallel was founded in 2018 to design and manufacture multi-rotor platforms capable of lifting heavy weights and flying for extended periods of time.  The company receives funding from NASA’s Small Business Innovative Research.

Parallel anticipates their first commercially available aircraft to be in beta programs with customers in late 2020.  The company is also kicking off an equity crowdfunding campaign with Startengine.