The Advanced Airspace map is available on the InFlight mobile ground control station to all Skyward users via a web app.  The Advanced Airspace map provides improved situational awareness information for drone operators including power lines, paths, helipads, runways, obstacles, 3D views of key structures, and more than a million vertical obstacles.  It also makes it easier to understand where a drone can gain digital access to controlled airspace through LAANC, the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability program, a collaboration between the FAA and industry.

Skyward partnered with MapBox to provide datasets that enhance the operator’s intelligence about the area before flight.  It is helpful to know there are stadiums, hospitals, airports, schools, walking paths, etc., in the target area because of the increased possibility of inflight obstacles or pedestrians on the ground.

The Advanced Airspace map also offers new color choices, which help color blind users, and new zoom levels, ranging from high-level, large areas to close-in to show possible landing spots and parking.