Nubigon Inc.’s innovations make it easier to develop digital twins of the built environment, thereby improving design and construction processes while facilitating coordination among stakeholders, which reduces the need for rework.

With the release of v420, the company expands its capabilities in point cloud visualization and modeling.  The reality capture software NUBIGON visualizes LiDAR and photogrammetric point clouds at full resolution in real time.  By preserving the original scan accuracy, it helps users to generate detailed and reliable as-built models.

Several improvements in v420 should appeal to AEC professionals.  Automated big data management is handled by algorithms to deliver an immersive point cloud visualization and navigation experience.  The new Sketchfab integration allows upload of point clouds to Sketchfab directly from NUBIGON.  The redesigned Surface Modeling Tool makes it easier to extract surfaces from point clouds for BIM and CAD modeling.

Two new licensing options are now available.  NUBIGON Visualizer features the visualization solutions starting at $35/month.  NUBIGON Pro, including the entire feature set, is now available starting at $75/month.  In addition to the annual subscriptions, monthly subscriptions are available for those who use NUBIGON for occasional projects or to test it without committing too much financially.