The theme of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Working Week 2020, to be held in Amsterdam May10-14, 2020 is both relevant for the Netherlands and internationally in a world where drinking water is a scarce resource, waste water needs to be recycled rather than seen as waste, where the sea needs to be better mapped and managed, where land resources need to be protected against sea-level rise, and where land-based fresh water habitats are threatened.  The main objective of the FIG Working Week is to bring together experts from academia, governments/public administration and industry to report on recent developments, trends and research results.

The overall theme, Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management, is broken into the following sub-themes: 

Smart Surveyors

Integrated Land and Water Management

Sustainable Development Goals.

The deadline for submitting non-peer-review abstracts is Nov. 1, 2019 (full paper Feb. 7, 2020).

Many topics are multi-disciplinary and are relevant in both developing and developed world contexts.  FIG encourages submissions of a cross-disciplinary nature cutting across many disciplines/subject-areas.