Autodesk and Dodge Data & Analytics conducted a study with over 200 contractors to determine the KPIs of Construction and examine how contractors and trade professionals currently operate around some common project processes.

To allow individual companies to compare themselves to the industry, Autodesk created the Construction Health Check, a free 15-minute assessment measuring current processes that may help reduce risk, avoid downstream problems and improve quality.  After completing four steps, the user receives a personalized report that shows how their team stacks up against others in the industry, along with ideas on how to improve how they collect and analyze project information.

This interactive tool uses the following seven categories of project activity to look at key workflows:

Construction Documents

Requests for Information (RFIs)

Change Orders


Safety and Inspections

Labor Productivity

Quality and Close Out.

The personalized report will identify blind spots and suggest processes that can help improve the way the team records and uses information.