SAM, LLC will be the first company in North America to acquire and deploy the recently released RIEGL VQ-1560 II dual channel waveform processing airborne LiDAR scanning system, featuring advanced technology for high point density mapping and ultra-wide area mapping.

The sensor will be installed in SAM’s new fixed-wing aircraft, a 2019 Cessna Grand Caravan EX, to further expand SAM’s national aerial mapping capabilities.  The dual port aircraft allows for the installation of the HD LiDAR and vertical facing cameras plus two oblique sensors.  These enable the simultaneous collection of oblique photos in a single flight.  This approach and technology efficiently acquire four datasets at the same time.

The RIEGL VQ-1560 II is equipped with a 4 megahertz, dual-channel airborne mapping system that can collect High Density (HD) LiDAR at up to a 2,450-meter swath or a density of 60 points per square meter from a fixed-wing platform.  The sensor features two integrated 150-megapixel digital cameras that collect vertical photography simultaneously with HD LiDAR.  One camera acquires RGB imagery to generate orthophotos at 2-inch ground sample resolution, while the second camera acquires imagery in the Near Infrared (NIR) band for multispectral analysis.  This combination of capabilities will be beneficial for many different client types, including electric transmission clients needing richer, more detailed data for infrastructure and right-of-way analysis, or forestry and vegetation management clients needing to identify hazards and unhealthy trees.

The new RIEGL VQ-1560 II was introduced during INTERGEO in Stuttgart, Germany, in September.  SAM plans to deploy the Cessna Grand Caravan EX with the new aerial scanner in the first quarter of 2020.