Pix4D’s User Conference, held in early October, was attended by more than 250 surveyors, drone mappers, and GIS experts.  

Nathan Moore, Pix4D product manager, introduced the new Pix4Dsurvey product, a standalone software that bridges the gap between photogrammetry and CAD.  He discussed how photogrammetric data is often too dense to work with in CAD and other drafting programs.  Keeping this in mind, Pix4Dsurvey was created to handle large merged datasets and simplify point clouds.  Maintaining accuracy and effectively working with various coordinate systems was also a priority throughout the development process.  

Pix4Dsurvey is the subject of a beta program.  Pix4Dsurvey beta program information.


Another new product, Pix4Dreact, was introduced by Angad Singh, Pix4D technical sales engineer.  Its focus is fast 2D image processing from aerial imagery performed on mid-range rugged devices in the field in order to provide useful information to improve situational awareness.  The simple user interface and low price point is intended to encourage use by emergency response and law enforcement personnel.

Participants at the conference also heard from execs Christoph Strecha and Chris Anderson and learned about new techniques and drone applications in sessions focused on Accuracy and Standards, Public Safety and Emergency, Cultural Conservation, Agriculture, Inspection, Academia, Surveying and Engineering, Accident Scene Reconstruction, and Environmental Conservation.