The Point of Beginning hasn’t moved since September 30, 1785 when Geographer of the United States Thomas Hutchins began the survey of The Seven Ranges. But, the profession has. And POB has always taken its role in responding to the changing needs of its audience very seriously.

This issue of POB marks a new stage in that role serving the professional land surveyor. While we continue our commitment to interesting, informative, and entertaining content, we are also adding to the value of what POB, as a brand, delivers. 

Our new design and logo update encompass not only the image, but also our vision in keeping with the growing contribution of the surveying and geospatial professions in a broader array of markets and applications. But, the changes aren’t merely superficial. With the backing of our parent company, BNP Media, POB will begin offering enhanced informational and educational tools to the profession with POB Premium.

You asked for continuing education, more content and studies to further your skills, career, and the profession. You stressed that full access to magazine and online content were important. You expressed a strong desire for opportunities to earn continuing education credit. And, you said you would like to continue to see studies and market reports.

With the aid of established resources at BNP Media, POB has worked to clear the hurdles to allow us to bring the profession accredited continuing education units as a RCEP and IACET provider. We are committed to providing six hours of non-sponsored CEU opportunities during the year. 

Working with BNP Media’s research group Clear Seas, we will also continue to provide market studies and will add and enhance studies to provide the insights and market intelligence you have asked for.

When it comes to making connections, we are continuing to enhance the website, social media platforms (including Facebook and LinkedIn), and we are adding a directory,, that will allow professional land surveyors and geospatial professionals to connect to the trades, professions, and markets that employ your services. This directory will be promoted to other BNP Media brands.

As BNP Media approaches its century mark, there is a strong recognition that, in order to serve its constituents, a media company must be more than media. POB is embracing that attitude and implementing POB Premium, a set of tools and resources that go beyond what you might expect from a media company but speak to what you have demanded from our brand. We hope you will join us on this journey and help model and guide us on our course to delivering the best that we can to support you in your growth and success.

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