Blickfeld, a Munich-based provider of solid-state LiDAR technology, is introducing the latest member of its product family.  The Cube Range is a MEMS-based LiDAR sensor for extended detection of objects at a distance of up to 250 meters.  In combination with the well-established Blickfeld Cube, Blickfeld now offers a full LiDAR suite for autonomous vehicles.

The Cube Range sensor was designed as a 3D solid-state LiDAR for the mass market.  It has a range of 150 meters with 10 percent reflection; a range of up to 250 meters is achievable with higher reflection.  In addition, the Cube Range exhibits a resolution of 0.18°.  The core of this technology is a proprietary silicon MEMS mirror embedded in a coaxial structure that is based on commercial standard components.

With its high resolution and long range, the Cube Range addresses the need for moving objects to be detected with high accuracy.  By generating a dense 3D point cloud and then evaluating it in real time using Blickfeld’s software stack, the company makes an important contribution to enabling autonomous driving.

The Cube Range is particularly suitable for driving at highway speed because it provides environmental images even in darkness, fog, or strong sunlight.  Other application areas include security, agriculture and smart city environments.