Inspection, assessment and monitoring (IAM) is a crucial cycle to ensure the integrity of building assets.  At InterGeo 2019, Topcon Positioning Group announced advancements in its inspection and monitoring portfolio designed to ensure longer term health of buildings and infrastructure assets.  The improvements include new flight planning software for the Topcon rotary-wing UAV; mass data photogrammetry processing integration capabilities, as well as the release of Delta Link version two, the new command console for the Topcon construction and structural health monitoring system.

An integrated approach to IAM ensures maximum performance of infrastructure assets in a safe environment for operators and the public.  Topcon IAM solutions help to keep assets operational by providing inspection tools for site engineers and monitoring tools to track potential problems.  The system allows data from robotic total stations, GNSS receivers, leveling devices, and a variety of geotechnical and structural sensors to monitor and ensure structural health.

New Intel Mission Control Software is designed to facilitate automated flight planning, managing missions, and data handling for the Topcon rotary-wing UAV offering. The software is designed to increase accuracy with advanced mapping features that allow site engineers performing aerial inspections to easily set project parameters and prepare missions using presets for 2D areas like polygons, corridors and city grids, as well as 3D structures like towers, buildings and facades.

UAV operators can also take advantage of new cloud-based photogrammetry processing, powered by Bentley ContextCapture, in the MAGNET Collage Web 2 service for publication, sharing, and analysis of data.  The cloud-based approach is designed to ensure that stakeholders have direct access to UAV and inspection analysis of their assets without the need to install software or have a high-performance computer.