Woolpert announced that it is launching STREAM:RASTER, a subscription software service that hosts and facilitates access to geospatial imagery in the cloud.  Customers upload raster data, and STREAM:RASTER creates tile caches of the data ready for use in GIS and web mapping software.  Customers are then able to manage and control access to their proprietary imagery in STREAM:RASTER, with support and a service level agreement from Woolpert.

The company explained, state and local governments must manage large amounts of GIS data to support multiple initiatives, and the volume of data continues to grow.  STREAM:RASTER allows them to focus on the application of that data without the need to hire additional staff for its operational support.  The service protects the data and makes it easier to access and use.  Storing data in the cloud serves as a backup and helps avoid overloading the system in the event of a disaster when there are multiple needs for data.

The concept for STREAM:RASTER was born from clients who had used SmartView Connect, a Woolpert application that enables clients to review orthoimagery and GIS data while a project is underway.  After projects were completed, many clients said that they wanted to retain proprietary access to the data while Woolpert continued as host.  Like SmartView Connect, the data hosted in STREAM:RASTER is accessible by Esri software on desktop and web, as well as on many open source and commercial web mapping platforms like OpenLayers and Google Maps.