The Quanta Series is a small, lightweight, and low-power inertial navigation system offered by SBG Systems with two levels of accuracy.  Quanta and Quanta Extra have been developed for compact LiDAR or camera-based mobile mapping solutions.  Quanta provides precise orientation and centimeter-level position data delivered both in real-time and post-processing.  Embedded in a UAV, this direct geo-referencing solution reduces the need for ground control points and overlapping data.

Qinertia, SBG’s post-processing software completes the Quanta package.  It gives access to offline RTK corrections from more than 7,000 base stations located in 164 countries.  Trajectory and orientation are improved by processing inertial data and raw GNSS observables in forward and backward directions.  This software also computes your base station position to achieve centimeter accuracy.  Qinertia UAV is offered for one year free when buying a Quanta sensor for a UAV-based mobile mapping solution.

Designed as a geo-referencing solution, it can be integrated in an aerial or a land vehicle to geo-reference pixels or LiDAR point clouds.

Quanta offers a tight integration with in-house IMUs, advanced calibration techniques and algorithms which ensure a consistent behavior in all weather conditions.