The Teledyne Optech CL-360 offers survey-grade data precision and is designed specifically to meet the needs of OEM hardware manufacturers to develop products for mobile, static, UAV, or airborne surveying markets.

The CL-360 captures high-density LiDAR points in a full 360° plane surrounding the sensor, at ranges exceeding 750 m (20 percent reflective target).  The resulting point cloud delivers survey-grade accuracy of less than 10 mm and data precision of less than 5 mm.  Excellent point distribution is achieved with scan rates of up to 250 lines per second.

In addition to long-range performance, the CL-360 provides excellent vegetation penetration capability with a 0.3mrad laser beam divergence (1/e2).  

Complex structure detail is further enabled by the smaller beam divergence and corresponding smaller beam footprint to provide much higher target resolution required for high-density applications, such as asset inspection and engineering projects.