Senceive Ltd. announced an addition to its sensor interface range with a wire free, solar powered, easy-to-deploy gateway solution for In-Place-Inclinometers (IPI), which are used to detect lateral geotechnical and structural displacement profiles; providing easy connectivity to precise and reliable remote monitoring for earthworks.

Working alongside the geotechnical monitoring instrument supplier, Soil Instruments, the IPI gateway interface, or host, has been created to facilitate wire and mains power free connectivity to IPIs and other remote sensing with higher power requirements.  This allows easy deployment of their Smart IPIs for vertical borehole applications in difficult-to-access locations with no mains power and can be left for days/months/years sending data through the GSM network, says the maker.  Soil Instruments IPI’s are light weight and have a modular design that provides the flexibility to suit multiple applications including; embankments, cuttings, excavations, tunnels and more.

Installed into a borehole or inside a concrete or metal void former with standard inclinometer casing, it simply plugs into the Senceive solar powered gateway interface at the top of the borehole, measures lateral movements on an adjustable but frequent basis and the data is transmitted  through the cellular network to be viewed securely anywhere around the globe, remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With no maintenance or external mains power required it eliminates the need for on-site visits while still allowing for configuration and reporting rates to be changed remotely on any tablet, smart phone or computer.

The Senceive IPI interface can also be integrated into its other existing Intelligent Monitoring Solutions (IMS), which provides a comprehensive solution to earthworks monitoring gathering data from a variety of wireless sensors to create a complete picture of the natural structure, without external power or communications infrastructure.