French drone manufacturer Parrot has released its latest iteration of its ANAFI drone.  The new ANAFI FPV (first person view) is being sold as a package with a headset that puts pilots in their drone’s perspective.  But instead of a dedicated screen inside the goggles, Parrot’s approach is to have users slot a smartphone in, similar to headsets like the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard.

The ANAFI FPV package will cost $799.  It will include the drone, the glasses, a controller, extra propellers, a battery, a 16GB microSD card, a USB-C cable and backpack.

The ANAFI FPV comes with a pair of Cockpit glasses, which pair with the smartphone and the FreeFlight 6.6 app to provide a front-row immersion experience at speeds of up to 31 mph.  Using the new FreeFlight app, ANAFI FPV lets users toggle through image controls to fine-tune photos and videos as they watch the view.  FPV pilots can fly with manual settings such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation, a histogram and more.