Since launching in 2017, 3DUserNet has enabled users to store, view, work on and share 3D data and projects directly on-line, on one portal, on any modern device, anywhere.  The power of 3D information not only makes classic surveying and measurement tasks easier, it helps to clearly communicate projects and ideas.

The latest feature on 3DUserNet is the inclusion of 2D and 3D linework import.  Users can now upload and view line drawing files in the 3D View of 3DUserNet, integrate them with 3D point cloud data and 3D surface models and use all the current measurement and annotation features.  Formats include .dxf, .dgn(v7) drawing files with more offered in the future.

A few usage examples:

  • Display early stage designs against current survey data.
  • Overlay sub-surface pipe runs or electrical wiring inside building structures 
  • Import plans, elevations, and sections of proposals to help clients see the vision of new projects.
  • Embe historical drawings alongside modern day digital surveys to accurately bring history to life.

3DUserNet has an extensive range of features and SaaS tools for core tasks on point clouds from any source and 3D models and enables integration of the two on the same project.