Cepton Technologies’ Helius system consists of a network of smart LiDAR units called Vista-Edge, which combines a LiDAR sensor with a powerful micro-computer in a single package.  A network of laser-powered smart sensors that can automatically link with other types of sensors and activate CCTV cameras to provide multi-dimensional surveillance was scheduled to be launched at Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Chicago, September 8-12, 2019.

The Helius system utilizes the accuracy of lasers combined with smart AI driven detection and tracking technologies to build a detailed image of activity in a given area, regardless of lighting conditions.  Aimed at integration into existing security systems, it offers real-time detection, tracking and classification.  The Helius system combines full 3D data, dimension, location, and velocity, from multiple sensors in different locations to allow for full coverage and real-time monitoring.

Helius adds an additional layer to an existing security system, filling the medium-range gap and augmenting it with the capability to classify objects including human, small animals, and vehicles, as well as behaviors such as crawling, crouching, and running.  When operating in tandem, the Helius sensors can be used to analyze the same area from multiple perspectives, eliminating blind spots and ensuring maximum coverage.

Data processing is done inside the unit, so data transmission is kept to a minimum, using only a few kilobytes where video would require several megabytes of storage.  And because the Helius perception and networking software is browser-based, the system can be operated on mobiles and tablets to maximize user convenience.