Engineers and surveyors frequently need to take measurements, conduct inspections, and fill out reports in the field.  Spatial Network’s Fulcrum is a mobile data collection platform that enables companies to perform all these activities from a smartphone or tablet, which expedites gathering and sharing data from the field in real time or near-real time.  Fulcrum facilitates designing custom reports with a drag-and-drop report builder and these reports can be pushed to the people who need them in the field.  Workers collect data online or offline in the field with Fulcrum for Android or iOS, then sync it to the office.  They can also capture geotagged pictures with annotations, record videos, or collect audio notes from the field.

Spatial Networks is partnering with Orbica to incorporate Orbica’s geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI) and data visualization solutions into Fulcrum’s apps.  The goal is to improve near real-time visibility of geographic data and maximize the utility of location data.  Orbica focuses on improving tools to visualize data so users can easily understand what the data means, how it can be used, and what is its value.