PIX4D produces photogrammetric mapping software products that work with drone imagery to benefit the surveying, mapping, construction, and agriculture industries.  Founded in 2011 in Switzerland, PIX4D opened a new office in downtown Denver in August 2019.  It is the company’s seventh office after Lausanne, San Francisco, Shanghai, Berlin, Madrid, and Tokyo.  According to the company, the move to Denver signifies Pix4D’s commitment and alignment with the Geospatial Technology and UAS industries, where Denver is a major hub.

With potential for expansion, Denver will become the base from where Pix4D will develop enterprise solutions tailored to the North American market.  As well as attracting new customers and employees, the new location will allow the team to better serve existing customers.

Also, PIX4D’s first user conference will be held Oct. 2‒3, 2019, in Denver, offering sessions on:

  • Accuracy & Standards
  • Cultural Conservation
  • Public Safety & Emergency
  • Agriculture
  • Accident Scene Reconstruction
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Surveying & Engineering
  • Academia 
  • Inspection