Implementation of the Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911) system continues to spread across the country.  The NG911 initiative transitions state and local public safety agencies from existing analog systems to digital or Internet Protocol (IP)-based 9-1-1 systems.  In addition to installing new hardware and software, the change requires coordination and communication between major stakeholders.  NG911 includes voice and multimedia communications between the public and the public safety answering points (PSAPs).  A fully IP-based system is more resilient during disasters. which mitigates outages. 

Two Florida counties, Walton and Jackson, have engaged with DATAMARK for NG911 geographic information systems (GIS) solutions.  Following Washington and Manatee, this brings the total number of Florida counties contracting with DATAMARK to four.  Walton and Jackson selected DATAMARK because of the company's ability to meet the unique needs of rural counties in the shift to NG911, including education, advocacy, in-depth guidance and grant writing assistance.

The main priorities for Walton County are to align and validate street centerline data with the master streets address guide (MSAG), and address data with the automatic location identifier (ALI).

Jackson County needs help with accurate street addressing and is faced with the added challenge of recovery from Hurricane Michael that damaged the area in October 2018.  

DATAMARK is the public safety GIS team of Michael Baker International.  In addition to offering a suite of GIS and 9-1-1 solutions for public safety, DATAMARK advises agencies on securing NG911 grant money.