Used extensively by scientists and engineers in oil and gas operations, environmental consulting, mineral exploration, and academic research, the Grapher tool gives users deeper insights into their data.  The software provides 80 different 2D and 3D plot types for analyzing and displaying scientific data.

Golden Software released Version 15 of its Grapher scientific graphing package with new fit curve, axes and statistical capabilities to improve a user’s ability to model, analyze and interpret data – and communicate the results.

  • Fit Curve Improvements – Users can now add X=F(Y) fit curves to model borehole log data.  Fit curves can also be added to class plots to model all or individual classes.
  • Axes Upgrades – Break Axes are improved so users can customize the break mark and add a break distinguisher to the plot itself.  Ternary plots have also been enhanced to enable users to rotate the axis direction.
  • Statistical Enhancements – Grapher users have greater control over how values in Box-Whisker plots are graphed.  In addition, there are new mathematical options to expand on the functionality of the summation plot.
  • Enhanced Color Functions – Improvements to colors include the ability to vary color fills above and below the intersection of two plots, specify custom colors via RGB values to color scatter plot symbols, and assign colors from a gradient to scatter plot symbols based on numeric worksheet values

Grapher 15 is downloadable by all users with active maintenance agreements.