The World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC) is an association of companies representing the entire ecosystem of geospatial industry.  At the 9th meeting of the United Nations Global Geographic Information Management (UN-GGIM), the WGIC led a panel discussion focusing on existing regulations and legislation governing geo-location and personal privacy in selected jurisdictions around the world.  The WGIC will be developing a white paper compiling the inputs obtained from this event.

The WGIC Policy Committee is chaired by Arnout Desmet (TomTom) and members include Zaffar Mohamed Ghouse (Spatial Vision), James Steiner (Oracle), and James Van Rens (Riegl).

The WGIC is tasked with enhancing the role of the geospatial industry and strengthening its contribution to the global economy and society.  The group facilitates exchange of knowledge within the geospatial industry and co-creation of larger business opportunities for the geospatial industry.

The UN-GGIM aims to address global challenges regarding the use of geospatial information, including in the development agendas, and to serve as a body for global policymaking in the field of geospatial information management.