Questions about privacy and control of data are increasing along with rapid advancements in geospatial data collection, management and analysis.

Many geospatial innovations have been reshaping the ethical landscape of our everyday lives, such as global positioning systems, satellite remote sensing, drones, cyber/location technologies, augmented and virtual reality, self-navigating autonomous vehicles, smart cities, internet of things, online cadastral data, census data, artificial intelligence and deep learning, geocoded commercial transactions and credit information, geocoded public records data, indoor location innovations, etc.

New technologies, with location at their core, are on the horizon and will shape the ethical fabric of our future society.  What big ideas do you have to help harness the upside while mitigating the downside?  What project do you want to undertake to help the community navigate the future?  The EthicalGEO initiative announced it is open to your novel ideas to begin the journey to a more ethical future.

The American Geographical Society (AGS) invites submission a 3-minute video presenting your ideas about ethical challenges (deadline Sept. 9, 2019).  Go to for more details.