The Genius drone LiDAR system combines SureStar's UAV-based LiDAR sensor with Applanix' APX OEM module, for a lightweight UAV mapping solution built to achieve a  balance of weight, cost, and performance. The Applanix APX UAV GNSS-Inertial solution is a hardware and software solution suitable for even the smallest of UAVs. It is comprised of a single-board OEM module (6*6.7 cm, 60 grams), which contains a survey-grade multi-frequency GNSS receiver and high-performance MEMS inertial sensors. Also included is Applanix’ POSPac UAV software for post-processing the collected data.

The SureStar R-Fans laser scanner, weighing only 738 g, is able to detect objects with 10 percent reflectivity at 200 m. UI-RF software comes with the R-Fans scanner to enable data fusion of flight trajectory and point cloud output in LAS or xyzi format, as well as point cloud visualization.

Together, these integrated products offer a lightweight solution which enables those mapping or surveying with a UAV to produce high-quality deliverables.