Delair, a supplier of commercial UAV solutions, announced Delair Takeoff, which it describes as a cost-effective subscription program for accessing the company’s Delair UX11 family of UAVs and its, cloud-based data management solution.

Under the program, customers can pay a fixed monthly fee and have unlimited use of the long-range, fully equipped drone.  A six-month minimum contract is required, the company said, and the plan is currently only available to customers in Europe.

The program provides a 48-hour drone replacement guarantee in case of an accident, with limited out-of-pocket cost in case of user error or accidental damages.

“This Delair Takeoff program provides the ultimate in flexibility, predictability, and cost-effectiveness for customers who don’t want to lay out an upfront capital expense for a high-performance drone platform.  Delair is providing a new level of accessibility for commercial drone users who need to incorporate highly precise and insightful aerial intelligence into their business operations,” said Chase Fly, Delair UX11 product manager.

Pricing for Delair Takeoff starts at €1250/month.

The company did not say whether it plans to offer a similar service in the U.S. market.