European authorities reported on July 17, 2019, “A team of experts from the European GNSS Agency, industry, the European Space Agency and the European Commission is currently implementing and monitoring recovery actions for an incident related to the Galileo ground infrastructure that resulted in a temporary interruption of the Galileo Initial Services. The key objective is to restore the Galileo navigation and timing services for users as soon as possible.”

According to the agencies, on July 12th the Galileo initial navigation and timing services were interrupted temporarily.  The Galileo Search and Rescue service remained operational. 

Europe’s GSA said multi-constellation GNSS receivers will remain unaffected and compute position and timing using other constellations.  However, Galileo-only receivers will not produce any navigation message.

“As soon as the incident was declared, an Anomaly Review Board was convened and urgent recovery procedures were activated in the affected Galileo infrastructures,” the agency said.  “Operational teams are working on recovery actions 24/7 to restore the Galileo navigation and timing services as soon as possible.”

Based on the results of the troubleshooting activities, several elements of the ground infrastructure were re-initiated.  The progress is being closely monitored; said GSA, adding, it is too early to confirm an exact service recovery date.