The Hungarian Defense Forces Geoinformation Service (MH Geoinformációs Szolgálat MH GEOSZ) has chosen DATAKART as the official partner of SkylineGlobe GmbH to provide 2D and 3D mapping solutions for the Ministry of Defense, Hungarian Defense Forces Command and the Hungarian Defense Forces. Solutions include utilizing DATAKART’s GIS services with Skyline Software Systems suite of products; Photomesh, TerraBuilder, CityBuilder and TerraExplorer Pro in an integrated workflow with the Bingo Bundle Adjustment Software from Dr. Kruck & Co.

“We are very happy to deliver these cutting edge photogrammetric and GIS solutions for the Hungarian Defense Forces Geoinformation Service.  With these software tools it is possible to fulfill every task in field of 2D and 3D photogrammetry without limitations of the size of the projects and to handle the evaluated data in a 3D GIS,” said Zsolt Szabady, CEO of DATAKART.

DATAKART’s GIS and data services combined with Skyline’s software suite for creation and dissemination of 2D and 3D Geospatial mapping will address the scope of the project requirements.

"We are very pleased to welcome another organization among our military customers in the European region and worldwide with our solution partner DATAKART,” said Tomas Orlik, managing director DACH and CEE of SkylineGlobe GmbH.

SkylineGlobe GmbH suite of solutions will provide capability for 2D and 3D processing of aerial images for remote sensing data and databases for the Hungarian Defense Forces GIS. PhotoMesh fully automates the generation of high-resolution, textured, 3D mesh models from standard 2D photographs. The photogrammetric processing workflow in PhotoMesh includes the air triangulation of the nadir and oblique aerial images and creation of true orthophoto mosaic, surface model (DSM), colored dot cloud (las), and mesh models.

TerraBuilder merges aerial photos, satellite images, and digital elevation models of different sizes and resolutions into a photo-realistic, geographically accurate terrain database. CityBuilder facilitates merging layers of 3D mesh models together with classification layers, and BIM or model layers into a multi-resolution and stream-optimized 3D Mesh Layer database (3DML). TerraExplorer Pro viewer and creator provides powerful tools and a high-resolution 3D environment in which to view, query, analyze and present geospatial data.

Hungarian Defense Forces Geoinformation Service planned to have the Photogrammetric and GIS solutions operational by July.