Microdrones has partnered with CSI Mapping, providers of forensic mapping solutions for accident reconstruction, crash scene training and equipment.

Steve McKinzie, president and CEO of CSI Mapping, commented he had conducted a thorough worldwide search to find the optimal integrated aerial solution to assist in collision scene reconstruction and investigation using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Our biggest concern is a failure in flight, which is alleviated by partnering with Microdrones.  Their integrated solutions have gained the trust of more than 1,000 businesses worldwide,” McKinzie said,

CSI Mapping’s area of specialty is critical incident management on highways, which are highly dynamic and dangerous environments.  Operations are designed not to further complicate the scene but to assist in the quick, accurate documentation of roadway geometry and evidence.

“The mdMapper units will by far be the core of our application,” noted McKinzie.  “The mdLidar unit will be the product that leads the industry in safely collecting data points. As you know highways carry large volumes of chemicals. The mdTector, we hope, will be the first of many chemical detectors that can save the lives of first responders.  Equipment can be replaced while the preservation of life and limb is paramount.”