Coptrz announced a partnership with camera specialist Phase One Industrial to offer Phase One’s iXM Series of high-productivity metric camera solutions.  Featured in the deal are the iXM-100 and iXM-50.  Described as breakthrough camera platforms, they have been designed to work with a variety of UAV-based aerial operations, including precision mapping and a wealth of inspection cases.

Easily integrated into a wide range of UAV platforms, the iXM Series can shoot pixel-perfect images at up to 100MP, with the iXM-100 also capable of capturing up to 3 frames per second.  The backside-illuminated sensors offer enhanced light sensitivity and an extended dynamic range, and both models are available with a variety of lenses to fine-tune the camera to each individual use case.  The light weight iXM Series is IP53 compliant, offering high resistance to vibrations and the effects of dust and water.

The iXM Series has already been used to great success in areas such as 2D and 3D mapping, and for inspection work in a wide range of fields, including wind turbines, power lines, civil engineering, railways, pipelines and more.  With its high-quality camera, the iXM-100 is the suited for professionals working in precision surveying or on large-scale projects, while the 50MP iXM-50 is an alternative for those working on smaller operations.