Transport Canada has added four Aeromao commercial-grade drone systems to its list of UAS Standardcompliant UAV systems.  These include the Aeromapper Talon, Aeromapper 300, Quad Mapper VTOL: fixed wing system with VTOL capabilities, and the Nano Mapper: sub 1Kg. fixed wing drone suited for agriculture and high affordability.

The Quad Mapper VTOL and Nano Mapper are two new UAV systems that will soon be made available to the public, according to Aeromao.

Two more variants of the Aeromapper Talon are currently awaiting confirmation from Transport Canada to be added to the list of compliant drones: Aeromapper Talon Amphibious and Aeromapper Talon LITE (a 3hr endurance version also suitable for BVLOS operations).

“Aeromao’s UAV solutions officially meet Transport Canada’s standards of safety and efficiency. We are truly excited to continue assisting Canadian and foreign customers with their drone programs, not only by ensuring that our systems continue meeting the latest regulatory policy changes but also by diversifying our line of commercial drone systems that fit all customer requirements and budgets” said Mauricio Ortiz, CEO of Aeromao.