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RE: GPS Rollover Date

POB published an item in our electronic newsletter concerning the GPS Week Number Rollover. One reader contacted us to say he had been affected. He was seeking assistance in correcting the issue with his receivers. His note said:

I have been affected by the Rollover Date Change. I have two SOKKIA GSR-2600 Recievers, which I only use for postprocessing to make a Rinex File and sending it to OPUS for the XYZ Values. SOKKIA no longer supports these receivers. 

Do you know of anyone who could fix the problem?

– Martin Donohue, mjdsurv@comcast.net

POB was able to contact Topcon and was provided with a link to a web page that provides information and resources for a variety of gear, including Sokkia. https://www.topconpositioning.com/gpsrollover

If any other readers have encountered problems as a result of the GPS Week Rollover, they can contact the support team at the manufacturers of the affected equipment or go to the manufacturer’s web site and search for GPS Week Rollover answers.

This is the second rollover event for the U.S. GPS system. The last time the week number rolled over was in 1999. 

Topcon’s FAQ page established ahead of the rollover included the statement, “The firmware and/or software for devices using external GPS clock information will need to be prepared to accommodate this rollover. Support and development resources have been actively working to provide the best solutions possible for minimizing impact to users of Topcon and Sokkia GPS technology.”