Skyline Software Systems Inc. announced it has released TerraExplorer™ for Desktop 7.1 as part of its suite of 3D geospatial mapping solutions.  The latest update contains enhancements and features that include improved integration with CityBuilder™, more powerful analytics capabilities, and support for VR technology, the company says.

“With major upgrades in visualizing LiDAR classification layers, and asset tracking over time along with VR [virtual reality] integration, users have even greater resources at hand to immerse themselves in their work,” stated Bob Peters, president and CEO.

The new TerraExplorer release expands its mesh layer capabilities to include greater integration of CityBuilder’s 3DML classification tools, which eases incorporation of BIM data and enables quicker editing capabilities for building features and attribute classification, according to the company.  

More powerful analytics include a new time swipe tool allowing users to see changes taking place over time.  The elevation difference tool highlights changes in elevation or volume.  The new volume analysis tool helps speed up analysis of storm damage and debris removal, and the buffer tool allows users to assess buffer/safety zones.  

VR support is also now available via integration with the Oculus Rift virtual reality system.  This integration allows users full immersive experience within Skyline’s actionable 3D environments providing new perspectives and advanced capabilities for data use.