The Aeromapper 300 along with the 42 Mp RGB camera and PPK system triples the productivity of smaller drones, offering a rugged and user-friendly, fixed-wing solution, the company added.

With the Sony 42 Mp camera, UAV operators can map 4.7 at 1.5 cm/pixel, or 9.9 at 3 cm/pixel per flight.  The data obtained delivers 2-3cm accuracy level with the included PPK upgrade, without setting up ground control points, the company claims.

Multi-sensor options include swappable payloads such as:

- Micasense RedEdge MX

- Micasense Altum

- Headwall Photonics Nano-Hyperspectral sensor

- ADS-B: live air traffic and transponder

- Flir Duo Pro R: 4K video/stills and thermal infrared

- Standard 24 Mp RGB camera

- 24 Mp RGB with Sequoia Parrot Multiespectral simultaneously: very popular setup for surveying and agriculture

- 24 Mp RGB with Flir thermal simultaneously

The Aeromapper 300 can be ordered with choices of image processing software: Pix4DMapper or Agisoft Metashape, to complete the bundle.