With generally low unemployment and progress in the Trump Administration’s promise to invest in infrastructure, demand is high for qualified workers in a number of professions and trades.  In an online poll, POB has asked what plans professional land surveyors have for hiring as we enter the peak construction season.  Early responses are coming in.  Add your vote and comments at Are You Hiring?

Here is how the early results are shaping up:

Yes, adding licensed surveyor(s) 23 percent

Yes, adding Surveyor(s) in Training 18 percent

Yes, crew members (non-licensed) 9 percent

Yes, but only temporary/sub-contractor help 0 percent

Possibly, but no permanent positions 0 percent

I would if I could find qualified applicants 18 percent

No additions and no changes in staff 18 percent

No hiring, may make temporary cuts 9 percent

No hiring, and permanent staff reduction likely 0 percent

Not sure 5 percent