Faro has updated its handheld scanner through a firmware upgrade. The scanner was introduced to the market as a lightweight, 2D handheld mapper to quickly and easily capture and visualize 2D floor plans. Now, with new features such as the Scan Assist, Scan Localizer and PanoCam functionalities, Faro says users can save time and money using the ScanPlan to gather a fast and accurate overview of the scan site or building. Specifically, architects, service providers, construction managers, facility managers as well as real estate agents benefit by determining efficient scan project planning — pre-placement of stationary scans — which results in efficient scan effort estimations and scan job preparations.

The Scan Assist feature allows users to create more accurate quotations in less time, says Faro. Scan Assist automatically calculates the best laser scanner positions based on the recorded 2D map. Information about the size of the building as well as needed number and positions of single scans ensure a comprehensive coverage of the scan site and fast overview of the scan situation.

The Scan Localizer functionality facilitates the pre-placement of individual scans especially when missing scan overlaps impede the proper registration of 3D scans.  By transferring the ScanPlan position to a Faro Focus Laser Scanner, single 3D scans are already pre-positioned to simplify and accelerate the ensuing registration in Faro Scene software.

DXF file export functionality allows a direct usage of the captured 2D map in the user’s target application. The data is useable in any CAD system for further modelling without additional conversion for a smoother and more efficient workflow.

The PanoCam allows a 360° overview of the captured area. All stakeholders get immediate access to the captured data after export into Scene WebShare Cloud.