Riegl RiACQUIRE covers a wide variety of tasks present in Riegl’s mobile and airborne laser scanning systems. The tasks covered by RiACQUIRE are allocated to the phases of system integration, system verification and testing, and operational data acquisition. An easy-to-use, but powerful interface enhances communication with the supported Riegl laser scanners. With the aim of reducing the workload for the system operator, only the most relevant information is displayed and tasks can be executed semi-automatically. Scanning parameters are easily changed by choosing a predefined parameter set. To assure data quality, RiACQUIRE is able to collect monitoring data from the laser scanner and online data provided by the INS/GNSS system. RiACQUIRE provides visual information about the actual measurements from the INS/GNSS system to easily check the plausibility of the results. A continuous recording of system status, INS/GNSS attitude and position, and all the interactions of the operator with RiACQUIRE provides a detailed history of the survey mission, which is stored for later analysis and documentation.