LiDARUSA announced the integration of the Z+F scanners for mobile mapping. The Z+F Profiler is a high-speed, very precise (sub millimeter), 360-degree scanner providing more than 1 million points/sec at up to 200 profiles/sec to a range of nearly 120 meters.

In addition, the Z+F Imager (5006, 5010, 5016) can also be transformed into a mobile system to maximize the use of the scanner. This allows companies to provide mobile mapping services with the highest accuracy, at reduced cost, all while maintaining backward compatibility for static scanning.

Combined with a 360-camera system, all Z+F users can enjoy the benefits of full featured mobile mapping.

Visit for more information and sample data sets.

LiDARUSA, also known as Fagerman Technologies, is a family-owned business just outside of Huntsville, Ala. LiDARUSA specializes in laser scanning, photogrammetry, instrumentation and all things geomatics.

Z+F USA Inc., is the United States subsidiary of Z+F GmbH Germany. Z+F is a leader in the manufacturing of high quality control equipment, wire ferrules and laser scanners.