Eagle View Technologies, a provider of aerial imagery and property data for the government, construction, energy, and insurance industries, announced it will begin capturing ultra-high-resolution Reveal imagery this fall. According to the company, this innovation includes oblique and orthogonal images that display a new level of detail enabling the identification of property features not visible from other imagery sources. In addition, Reveal delivers the clarity necessary to assess grade and condition of residential and commercial properties, infrastructure and ground elements right from the desk.

EagleView’s next-generation aerial camera system captures ultra-high-resolution imagery, enabling efficient acquisition with faster delivery times. With the addition of Reveal imagery, EagleView’s library of high-resolution aerial images will provide more detail and answers than ever before.

EagleView established the current aerial imagery standard for resolution years ago with images that are 2- to 3-inch Ground Sample Distance (GSD), or 2- to 3-inch per pixel on the ground. Reveal resets that bar with imagery as fine as 0.75-inch GSD per pixel, adding as much as four to 16 times more image data.

“We’re starting a resolution revolution. This groundbreaking imagery is going to dramatically change the industries we serve,” said EagleView CEO Rishi Daga. “Reveal imagery offers the most detail, clarity and accuracy you will see in aerial imagery today.”

With ultra-high-resolution imagery, local and county government departments, including property assessment, GIS, public safety, and public works can improve their daily workflows and confidently serve their communities when inspecting remotely.

“EagleView builds on its 18-year history of industry-leading aerial image capture innovation with the launch of Reveal,” states EagleView CTO Ajai Sehgal. “This ultra-high-resolution imagery delivers the answers needed for government agencies to perform at their best each and every day.”

EagleView showcased Reveal imagery at the 2018 FutureView User Conference in Austin, Texas on Aug. 27-30, 2018.

For more information regarding Reveal imagery and data analytics from EagleView, contact Melissa Mazurek at melissa.mazurek@eagleview.com or (585) 444-2504.