Quanergy Systems, Inc., announced the availability of its S3-2 solid state LiDAR sensor. The innovative sensor features Quanergy’s proprietary QORTEX object profiling software directly embedded within the sensor, resulting in, what the company says, is the industry’s first all-in-one sensing solution.
The solid state sensor, coupled with QORTEX object profiling software, is tailored for applications that require people counting and analytics, queue management and access control. Quanergy views solid state LiDAR technology as essential to the future of smart sensing and perception. The S3-2’s lack of moving or vibrating parts enables it to perform with a high level of reliability, longevity and cost efficiency, while requiring less power.

The decision to embed QORTEX object profiling software directly within the sensor is a critical step forward in integrating LiDAR hardware and software. The embedded software utilizes point cloud data from the solid state sensor along with machine learning and 3D perception algorithms to identify and distinguish between people and objects, as they are detected, and provide physical characteristics.
“The all-in-one nature of the S3-2 sensor is an unrivaled development for the entire LiDAR industry,” says Dr. Louay Eldada, CEO of Quanergy. “By embedding our highly tailored QORTEX software within our world-class solid state LiDAR sensor, Quanergy is delivering an unmatched solution to our customers across industries and applications.”

For more information, visit www.quanergy.com.