EOS Data ANALYTICS' EOS Platform cloud service provides GIS professionals with a one-stop solution for search, analysis, storage, and visualization of large amounts of geospatial data. Together, four mutually integrated EOS products provide a powerful toolset for geospatial analysts. Image data is stored in cloud-based EOS Storage and is available for image processing or remote sensing analysis at any time; this can be a raw user file, an imagery obtained from LandViewer or an output file from EOS Processing. EOS Processing offers 16 processing workflows, including the popular raster tools (merge, reprojection, pansharpening), remote sensing analytics, photogrammetry, and proprietary feature extraction algorithms. EOS Data Analytics can be used to extract features from imagery. Users can also upload their own GeoTiff, JPEG, JPEG 2000 files and apply GIS data processing algorithms via API or from the web interface and get cartographic features of EOS Vision for vector data visualization and, as announced for the future, its analysis.