Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, announced its new partnership with GeoPal to support high accuracy asset data capture for utility professionals within the GeoPal mobile workforce management solution. 

With increased regulatory pressure on utility organizations to provide more accurate location data and asset records, the Leica Zeno GG04 Plus smart antenna is now seamlessly supported by GeoPal to provide high accuracy positions within GeoPal’s Android and iOS mobile applications. 

Alan Grady, contracts manager, COFFEY GROUP, says, "We utilize the Leica GG04 Plus as part of the GeoPal application for our utility construction workflows. The Leica GG04 Plus is simple to use and enables the field team to capture the accurate location of assets as they are installed in real time. This enables us to validate jobs for our clients more quickly and ultimately improves the ongoing efficiency and productivity of Coffey group."

The Zeno GG04 Plus brings advanced GNSS technology and 555 channel tracking power to GIS asset collection. The smart antenna uses RTK technology and applies Precise Point Positioning (PPP). With an open interface, the technology combines with GeoPal for accurate results and efficient operations.

Paul Coyle, GeoPal director and co-founder, says, “The Leica Geosystems smart antenna is easy to use, and we recognized its value as an ideal tool for non-surveying field operatives using GeoPal, who simply need to capture asset locations as part of their job. The GG04 Plus is simple, reliable and provides accurate location data in the demanding work environments GeoPal’s clients work in.”

Leica Geosystems’ Regional GIS Segment Manager, Mike Cooper, says, “We immediately saw the benefits of the GeoPal workflow for organizations looking to improve the quality of their asset records using their own field resources. This is a more efficient way of working; it improves productivity while delivering key safety and financial benefits. It also ensures contractors can quickly validate jobs within the GeoPal application and ensure their clients have access to that information in real time.”