Carlson Software announced the release of Carlson PhotoCapture, which was introduced at the 2018 Carlson ‘Go West’ User Conference in San Diego. PhotoCapture is the first cloud-based standalone product and photogrammetry solution offered on the Carlson product line.

This new service gives users the ability to generate interactive 3D maps of sites using aerial, oblique, or terrestrial images. Once the images are uploaded, Carlson PhotoCapture will create an orthomosaic photo to piece the site together.

By turning pixels into accurate 3D models, PhotoCapture allows users to set control points to fine-tune the survey data. Users then have the freedom to view and edit the 3D map immediately upon upload completion from anywhere with an internet connection.

“Uploading speed is extremely fast compared to other products in the market,” says Nuno Fernandes, product manager of Carlson PhotoCapture. “What might take hours is condensed into a considerably shorter amount of time through Carlson PhotoCapture. Users aren’t tying down their computer when they upload a project and file sharing is as easy as sending a link.”

Carlson PhotoCapture can be partnered with Carlson Precision 3D Topo and Carlson Point Cloud to extract the valuable data from the generated 3D model. Customers are given three tiers to choose from when purchasing, ranging from 5GB to infinite storage. PhotoCapture stores projects indefinitely so customers can keep a project for as long as needed.

For more information, visit the Carlson PhotoCapture site.