Topcon Positioning Group announced an update to its MAGNET Collage Web — its web-based service for integration with the MAGNET Collage desktop mass data processing software. MAGNET Collage Web version 1.1 offers new features designed to simplify collaboration and sharing of 3D point cloud data,the company said.

The update includes an embeddable public viewer designed to allow operators to send a link or embed a viewer to access a mass data model from any webpage. “Now you can easily share Collage Web projects publicly with anyone, even without a Topcon Enterprise account,” says David Ahl, director of software product management.

The system now also offers direct-to-web publishing from third-party UAV software including Bentley Context Capture and MAVinci Desktop software, with support for additional software packages forthcoming.

Ahl says, “Operators can conveniently drag-and-drop UAV photographs and point clouds directly to MAGNET Collage Web with no need to pass through MAGNET Collage office software. MAGNET Collage Web now also provides UAV visualization capabilities that handle georeferenced photos with the point cloud. Operators can overlay images, click to view individual images, and control settings for transparency with the software.”

MAGNET Collage Web subscribers will receive the update automatically at no extra cost.