DT Research has introduced the first purpose-built rugged tablet for GIS with built-in Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation, used to enhance the precision of position data derived from satellite-based positioning systems.

The lightweight military-grade tablet is purpose-built for GIS mapping applications such as forensic mapping, land surveying, e-construction and building information modeling (BIM). The device is compatible with existing GIS software for mapping applications and brings together the advanced workflow for GIS data capture, accurate positioning and data transmitting. 

When reconstructing a crime scene, crash scene or natural disaster, forensic mapping needs to have scientific-grade precision in order to stand up as evidence in court. Users can create 3D point clouds with centimeter-level accuracy – meeting the highest precision standards required for scientific-grade evidence in court. 

As more drones are being used for mapping, there is a growing need for ground control positioning devices. The DT Research tablet can be used in combination with a drone to cost-effectively create a simulation model to deliver an accurate representation of crime scenes with scientific-grade tolerance that will hold up in a court of law.

Surveyors can use the tablet to measure the altitudes, angles, and distances on the land surface so that they can be accurately plotted on a map to determine property boundaries, construction layout and mapmaking.

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals can use the tablet to create 3D models to efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.