RIEGL has been named as a finalist in the Inspection/Mapping & Surveying category of the XCELLENCE Awards by the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI). RIEGL was selected from a pool of accomplished applicants as one of several finalists. Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony at AUVSI XPONENTIAL on May 1 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

The sensor that has been nominated for this prestigious award is the RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV, a survey-grade accuracy LiDAR that offers an increased number of returns per laser pulse in a small form-factor to expand the advantage and flexibility for UAS operations throughout the world. The reduced price point enables the surveying and mapping industries the ability to work with precise LiDAR.

“It’s an honor for RIEGL to be among the finalists for this inaugural award,” says My-Linh Truong, ULS / UAS segment manager at RIEGL USA. “Technology Innovation is our core focus. The miniVUX-1UAV was a powerful response to address the increase in demand for high performance sensors and systems as the UAS marketplace expands exponentially.”

The miniVUX-1UAV is ideally suited for an assortment of unmanned scanning applications such as the measurement of snowy and icy terrain, precision agriculture and forestry, archaeology and cultural heritage, construction site monitoring, and landslide monitoring. With its compact size and optimized laser wavelength, the sensor gives the market ample prospects to expand into new fields, applications, and business opportunities.

XPONENTIAL offers a broad-based and balanced educational program brimming with cutting-edge content and inspirational insights, ranging from policy implications and technical challenges to use cases and best practices across vertical markets and everything in between. The AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards honor innovators in the unmanned systems industry, including individuals and organizations, with a demonstrated commitment to advancing technology, leading and promoting safe operations, and developing programs that use unmanned systems to improve the human condition.

“The unmanned systems industry is innovating at an incredible rate and creating tremendous benefits for our economy, lifestyle and society,” says Brian Wynne, president and CEO of AUVSI. “The AUVSI XCELLENCE awards give us a chance to recognize the companies and individuals who are propelling the industry into the future.”