Septentrio, a manufacturer of high-precision OEM and housed GNSS receivers for marine applications, announced the launch of the SECORX-60 correction service at Oceanology International in London. SECORX-60 is a subscription-based service providing over-the-air corrections for Precise Point Positioning (PPP). It uses TerraStar technology and brings sub-decimeter positioning to applications on land and up to 60 km offshore.

“SECORX-60 represents the coming together of two great forces in PPP: TerraStar, with its proven track record in providing high-quality clock and orbit correction data, and Septentrio, with an unmatched reputation in turning that correction data into highly precise and reliable positions,” says Chris Lowet, product manager at Septentrio. “With SECORX-60, we’re bringing continuity of operation from onshore, seamlessly, to 60 km offshore, offering the greatest flexibility to onshore and nearshore users.”

SECORX-60 activation plans are available for a specific range of time to suit the needs of the user and will be available in June.

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