International Geomatics, a global DGPS service provider to the offshore marine sector, announced they have teamed up with Hemisphere GNSS and are offering Hemispheres’ 'Atlas' DGNSS technology to meet offshore positioning needs. 

This comprehensive suite of equipment incorporates a broad spectrum of hardware including an option to integrate with clients’ existing DGPS receivers, and complements the delivery of the International Geomatics’ “ICE” (Innovation, Communication, Execution) philosophy. 

“Hemisphere GNSS delivers scalable products and services, specifically with their Atlas GNSS (L-band) Global Correction Service, enabling International Geomatics to offer competitive, cost-effective, accurate and versatile solutions to their clients, wherever they may be,” says Steve Rampton, International Geomatics’ CEO.

International Geomatics Group was founded in late 2017 by Rampton and Ken Adams (COO). The company recently opened its first office in Houston’s Energy Corridor. To find out more about International Geomatics, visit

Headquartered in Arizona, Hemisphere GNSS is a leader in high-performance satellite positioning with a strong technology foundation and a focus on innovation. The company’s GNSS solutions are focused on land surveying and mapping, construction, and agriculture, to which International Geomatics group moves them into the global marine market. To learn more about Hemisphere GNSS, visit