Boundless introduced the Boundless Server Enterprise, the first cloud-native geospatial web server designed to take advantage of the cloud’s ability to quickly and easily scale up and out, says the company.

Boundless Server Enterprise offers:

  • Cloud-native deployment built on the open-source GeoServer project. Boundless Server Enterprise takes full advantage of cloud architecture.
  • Increased performance and availability through elastic scalability.
  • Costs are lowered by utilizing only the cloud resources needed at any given time and avoiding software license models, which are based on number of servers or users.
  • Self-contained installation, simple configuration and operation, and performance monitoring provide ease of use.

"It is more critical than ever for organizations to have infrastructure that can scale elastically to meet increases in load and demand," says Anthony Calamito, chief geospatial officer, Boundless. "Boundless Server Enterprise represents a next-generation solution that scales for maximum responsiveness today while remaining elastic to handle increases in the future. The result is limitless scalability with better uptime, minimized risk and lower total costs.”