Guangzhou Situoli Surveying and Mapping Co. Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Unistrong Science & Technology Co. Ltd.) and Davide Erba, the owner and president of Stonex, have agreed to the ownership change of Stonex.

Guangzhou Situoli has acquired 91.47 percent of the ownership of Stonex and become the major shareholder of the company.

With this change of ownership, the new Board of Directors appointed Mr. Guo Siqing as president and CEO of Stonex. Mr. Guo has over 30years of surveying and mapping experience and he is president of three other surveying and mapping related companies in China. Since the ownership change, he has been working closely with Mr. Erba for the transition.

The board said, “On behalf of Unistrong, we would like to thank Mr. Erba for this leadership and dedication to the company in the past. He started Stonex as a small business and gradually grew the company to a considerable turnover. Going forward, Mr. Erba will help Unistrong to explore other business opportunities and special projects. He will play an important role in Unistrong’s overseas operations as Director of Global Business Development.”

As of January 20, Mr. Guo assumed the full responsibilities as the president and CEO of Stonex.